Tour Guides Wanted

We’re looking for friendly, personable guides to lead our tours. We’re also looking for assistant tour guides.

  • As a guide, you will be responsible for engaging and interacting with guests for the duration of each tour.
  • You’ll lead guests from place to place, and you’ll share a series of short stories about the historical figures we highlight on each tour.
  • While a script will serve as the foundation of your work, you’ll also need to think creatively and improvise as necessary.

Tour Guide Requirements

  • Tour guides should be at least 18. We will consider hiring assistants who are 16 or 17.
  • You must be mobile enough to travel more than a mile, talking as you go.
  • You must be energetic enough to hold a group’s attention for up to two hours.

Payment and Benefits

  • We pay our guides a generous flat fee for each tour they lead.
  • Tour guides also receive tips from satisfied guests.
  • We welcome applications from couples, friends, and family members who would like to work together.

How to Apply

If you are interested in becoming one of our tour guides or assistants, please email Corrine at [email protected].