DeLand's Haunted Antique Shop and Paranormal Museum

Gently Haunted Ghost Tours

Paranormal Museum Tour

Explore the Haunted Antique Shop’s paranormal emporium at your own pace. We’ll guide you to more than 30 points of interest, including “Haunted Charlie,” the ghostly guardian of the shop.

DeLand Walking Tour

You’ll visit 13 gently haunted locations, as well as several historic points of interest. You’ll also learn the true stories of settlers who founded DeLand, including those who decided to stay here … permanently.

DeLand Driving Tour

We’ll guide you to 13 gently haunted locations with fascinating histories. The driving tour covers a total distance of 5 miles in and around DeLand’s central business district.

Private Guided Tours

We’re happy to offer private guided tours of the Haunted Antique Shop’s Paranormal Museum and private walking tours of haunted downtown DeLand. Contact us to schedule your tour.

American Sign Language Tours

One of our tour guides is a professional ASL interpreter. Contact us to schedule ASL tours of the Haunted Antique Shop’s Paranormal Museum and ASL walking tours of haunted downtown DeLand.

Tarot Readings

Add a tarot reading to your tour. Walk-ins are welcome, or book online at

Gently Haunted Ghost Tours

Neighborhood Haunts

Let us introduce you to some of our most interesting neighbors — the ghosts and spirits who haunt DeLand, Florida. Click the photos for details.

Henry and Sarah DeLand
John and Elizabeth Stetson
Captain John Rich
Jeanette and Edwin Barnhill
The Hanged Man of Chess Park
Lincoln and Eloise Hulley

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